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  • Shimmering in Blue

    Re-defining classical themes with NEO Collection Shoes. We love this piece at Miss Gladys Sym Choon!
  • It's Getting Cold!

    We love the cool weather because it allows you to piece together layers and be more creative with styling.
  • FARM: Brazil's Most Recognised Brand

    Designs based on cultural movements and colour that synchronises strongly with nature.
  • After 13 Years of Somaya

    Last week we had to hug Somaya goodbye as she embarks on a journey outside of Miss Gladys Sym Choon.
  • Autumn with Elk the Label

    An Australian brand that displays admirable strength in Women's Fashion.

  • Introducing Double Rainbouu

    Inspired by Australia's seaside culture, each shirt is meant to make you feel inclusive!
  • How to Style: Saint Lucia Hawaiin Shirt

    Join us in our 'How to Style' series! - Showcasing you ways to piece together our clothes.

  • 100 Years of Miss Gladys Sym Choon

    The Miss Gladys Sym Choon store embodies a legacy - A story that symbolises strength, resilience and opportunity since 1923.
  • Vale Joff Chappel: Co-founder of the “Empire Records of Adelaide”

    The following is an article written by Steve Maras and Josh Fanning for CityMag, in the days following Joff's passing. It sums up a lot of what we can't put in to our own words just yet.